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Thymosin beta 4

Thymosin beta 4

CAS : NO.77591-33-4


Thymosin beta 4 acetate , CAS# 77591-33-4 , high quality with competitive price

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Professional peptide manufacturer in China.
high quality with GMP grade
large scale with Competitive price
Our products include: Generic bulk peptide APIs, Cosmetic peptide, custom peptides and veterinary peptides.


molecular formula:


relative molecular mass:

4963.51 g/mol


77591-33-4 (net)

long-term storage:

-20 ± 5°c



-pro-leu-pro-ser-lys-glu-thr-ile-glu-gln-glu-lys-gln-ala-gly-glu-ser-oh acetate salt

fields of application:

wound healing

active substance:

thymosin β4 is a 43 amino acid peptide which is regarded as the main intracellular gactin sequestering peptide. 

extracellular thymosin β4 may contribute to physiological processes such as angiogenesis, 

wound healing, and regulation of inflammation.


company profile:

company name:shenzhen jymed technology co.,ltd.
year established:2009  
capital: 89.5 million rmb
main product: oxytocin acetate,vasopressin acetate,desmopressin acetate,terlipressin acetate, caspofungin acetate, micafungin sodium, eptifibatide acetate, bivalirudin tfa, deslorelin acetate,glucagon acetate,histrelin acetate,liraglutide acetate,linaclotide aceteate ,degarelix acetate,buserelin acetate,cetrorelix acetate,goserelin 
acetate, argireline acetate, metrixyl acetate,snap-8,.....
we strive for continuing innovations in new peptide synthesis technology and process optimization, and our technical team have over decade of experience in peptide synthesis.jym has successfully submitted a lot 
of anda peptide apis and formulated products with cfda and have over fourty patents approved. 
our peptide plant is located in nanjing, jiangsu province and it has set up a facility of  30,000 square meters in compliance with cgmp guideline. the manufacture facility has been audited and inspected by both domestic and international clients.  
with its excellent quality, most competitive price and strong technical support, jym not only has gained recognitions for its products from research organizations and pharmaceutical industries, but also become one of the most reliable suppliers of peptides in china,. jym is dedicated to be one of the world’s leading peptide provider in the near future.

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