Buyer's service

What is the brand new buyer service?

Procurement list service,lanuched to better serve the buyers and enable them to find much more reliable , exact matching suppliers. As long as you upload the list, LookChem will match you with the best supply information so that you can not only know the quotes, but also the strength and all the authentication information of this supplier, which assure you a safer and more effective procurement process.

Advantages of procurement list service

More comprehensive quote information.

Lookchem provides you with detailed business authentication information as long as you received the quote.

Superiorer suppliers.

LookChem will select the best manufacturers and facilitators for you with the stable supply, high quality and high cost performance from a huge number of suppliers.

More efficient procurement process.

With the procurement list service, you don’t have to post your procurement requirements over the Internet as you used to. Moreover, you will no longer be troubled by the spam e-mails form the numberous suppliers. LookChem is always ready to solve problems for you.

Safer transaction process.

Post your purchasing list, choose the satisfactory supplier and finally conclude this transaction, lookchem provides one-stop Escrow Service to reduce the risk of the procurement process.

What can we do for you?

01If you want to know the current supply situation in China of the products you urgently need to purchase, you can inform our customer service center instantly or make an urgent remark when upload the purchasing list. We will give priority to this issue and find qualified suppliers in the corresponding fields and give you a satisfactory answer ASAP.

02LookChem will serve and support you throughout the process if you have some procurement plans that requires prior knowledge of Chinese supply market and you want to make comparisons at several corresponding suppliers for alternatives.

03With one-to-one service, platform system notifications and telephone connection with domestic qualified suppliers, LookChem are capable to provide you with more comprehensive information of the suppliers based on the detailed list, specific plans and requirements. The more detailed information you uploaded, the more specific information we can get for you.

04You can also entrust your purchase list and purchase plan to LookChem. We will filter the suppliers for you. The only thing you need to do is to make the final decision and close the deal.

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