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Zinc methionine sulfate MET-Zn cas 56329-42-1

Zinc methionine sulfate MET-Zn cas 56329-42-1

CAS : NO.56329-42-1


Zinc methionine sulfate , 56329-42-1 , MET-Zn

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2016 Professional manufacturer high purity Zinc methionine sulfate cas 56329-42-1


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Food and feed additive ,CAS 56329-42-1 ,Methionine zinc 

Chemical name: Methionine Zinc

Product name: Methionine Zinc

CAS No.: 56329-42-1

Molecular formula: C10H20N2O4S2Zn

Molecular weight: 361.8

Physical and Chemical Properties: White-like or whtie fluid powder, slight dissolving in water


• It can increase their immunity function, strengthen anti-stress and decline the occurring rate of disease. 

• It can promote the development of taste bud and increase appetite. 

• It can increase the survival rate of fetus and cub and resistance against diseases. 

• It can increase dam fecundity and livestock using period. 

• It can improve the animal fur, midsection quality and meat quality

Specifications of analysis of   Zinc methionine sulfate cas 56329-42-1


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